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Computer Aided Dispatch

IMPACT CAD is scalable from a small, single agency jurisdiction to a multi-agency, multijurisdictional countywide dispatch center. IMPACT CAD can be configured to run at a primary PSAP with backup capabilities at a secondary, remote PSAP site. User Profiling and Position Filtering allows users to configure how they prefer to display the various types of caller, dispatch, and status data as well as select the types of calls to display on their screens.

The full power of VCAD3 can be attained when used with the IMPACT: Records Management System (RMS) and several of the optional IMPACT products listed below. For details of each of these products select the associated  link.

VCAD - Dispatching System
IMPACT CAD's Visual Status Monitor provides a myriad of information related to the real-time actives of the department and community. Anyone having security clearance and a computer, no matter where they are, can now see what activities are taking place in the department's jurisdiction form the dispatchers eyes as if you were looking over their shoulder.
E911 Interface
E911 imports the caller's name, number and location from phone company records directly into the application, enabling rapid, accurate dispatching of required units. If the address for the car service is the subscriber's address, pressing one key will automatically enter that information to the proper field on the screen.
NCIC Interface
NCIC Interface facilitates instant access to local, state and national crime information databases at selected workstations on the network and in every AMO attached vehicle or mobile computer.
CAD Mapping
CAD Mapping provides an interactive method of dispatching directly from the map display itself. Calls for Service are automatically displayed on the map along with the current location of vehicles in service allowing the dispatcher to visually see available units, those in closest proximity, and the area surrounding the event location.
AVL - Automatic Vehicle Locator (GPS)
Tracks and displays vehicle positions on map.
VSTAT - CAD Status Monitoring
The IMPACT: Visual Status Monitor operates like a powerful dispatching dashboard, providing a myriad of information related to the real-time activities of the department and community.